The Unusual Suspects

A Five Finger Discount

Captain’s Log- X.X 608AR

The excitement of mercenary life never seems to ebb away. After our recent trials involving Vladimir, I thought the Wild Cats could use a job a bit more routine: escorting a fellow merc alchemist and her alchemical delivery to the Five Fingers. Five Fingers, last time I wallowed in that sty I ended up fighting off giant crabs in my undercloths after that rogue absconded with my pants. Ah but I was a different man then, different name and different problems. Regardless I’d keep a sharp eyye out for the Cats in 5ingers. So our wayward alchemist Serellia turned out to be a punkish Nyssian (both in nature and appearance) on her own for some reason. At least the pale skins show less open rancor for mortal magicks. Twas a rather uneventful trip south truth be told and our new associate wasn’t much for sharing, good to be on Ord soil again though.

Arrived in 5ingers and promptly handed over the sloshing package before retiring to a tavern I remember as not being entirely shit filled. After a few ales, fists started flying but faithful Fritz protected the booze as the Wildcats enjoyed a little downtime. That is until a bombshell (quite literally!) of a woman chased Mag back to our table and quite rudely requested her and our pleasures to meet with “the Captain”. Captain Finneas O’Shea that is. Apparently the infamous O’Shea and our Mag go back aways and she does work on the side for his “organization” from time to time. An intriguing development but the Captain was quite fascinating. One who depends on his own strength, yet looks out for his own and values loyalty while forsaking fealty. Quite “Admiral” I must say. Anyways, O’Shea had a job for Mag’s more… subtle skills involving Mercury Lines rutter navigational tools and their acquisition. After some free booze we took our leave, and Mag spent the next few evenings practicing her crafts in pursuit of the Cap’n’s rutters.

Meanwhile, myself and the Cats took on a new contract from Jim over at the Shield Breakers- rescuing a Morrowan priest’s family from some Thaumarite cultists. The client, Gregor Hildeland, told us they’d been abducted while he was on service and if he didn’t bring a 10,000g bounty by week’s end, it would be their end. Of course we assured him this wouldn’t be the case, not with the Wild Cats on the job. We set out to examine the decrepit Morrowan church the ransom was to be dropped off at and discovered a strange obsidian “mirror” of sorts. Investigation with Vasiliy’s sources uncovered that this Mirror could only be penetrated by Thaumarite faithful and was looking to be where our captives were being held. Now, how were we going to get in? Serellia, who had agreed to come along as a trial member of the company, and I agreed that to find a Thaumarite who’d help us, we needed to find an enemy of those who captured the family in the first place. Questioning Gregor, it seemed that the major Nicodemus was one of his prominent antagonists, and thus we decided to begin examining him and potentially his opponents. Vasiliy once again came through with a social event the major would be at that very evening. Taking Serellia along as backup (cleverly disguised as a woman) they infiltrated and brokered a meeting for the following evening with the major to discuss Vasiliy’s “dark leanings”. All the while Mag infiltrated and acquired a “spare” rutter, Fritz worked on his smithing, and I studied and fretted. The next evening Fritz and Mag went off to make a switch, while the meeting with the major occurred. He knew the real purpose and agreed to release the woman and daughter if Gregor left and never returned. While reluctant at first, after explaining that the major was a major Power (capital P) and that Gregor could help his Cause more by explaining this to his order, he agreed to be led away and allow us to procure his family. 1000 coins in the pocket and perhaps now those baseless childnapping bastards will get their eventual comeuppance. Either way the Wild Cats get paid and get out of town. Maybe our next contract can be at a spa retreat. A man can dream.



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